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Maintenance & service on transformers up to 500 KV


Oil sampling

The supply of electrical energy stands and falls with the functionality of transformers, which are used in different voltage series and power classes in power plants and in the power supply network.

Breakdown voltage (measured according to VDE 0370 part 5)

The breakdown voltage indicates how well an insulating oil can withstand the electrical load and is therefore decisive for the operational reliability of the transformer. The limit values for breakdown voltage depend on the series voltage or the type of device.


One of the most common causes of transformer malfunction is oil. To detect this in good time, it is essential to carry out regular oil checks. With early detection, countermeasures can be taken, which certainly does not prevent the aging process, but delays it to a large extent.

UVR oil regeneration plant

Our mobile UVR oil regeneration unit is used in many places in Europe. It is used in the following situations, for example:

  • Oil treatment after repair work
  • Oil treatment with transformer switched off

Water content

Today, the exact determination of the moisture content in cellulose can only be done by sampling and subsequent Karl Fischer tritation. A modern method for moisture determination in insulation is the PDC analysis.


For the purpose of maintenance, revision and repair, transformers have to be planned or unexpectedly climbed. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the professional associations, the personnel must be secured against falling.

Colour and appearance (according to ISO 2049)

Although colour and appearance are not relevant characteristics and are not a criterion for any action, they are useful for comparative assessment:

A rapid darkening or darker oil are indications of oil ageing.


Gas in Oil - Analysis (DGA=Dissolved Gas Analysis)

By means of DGA mainly slowly developing defects can be detected. The temporal development of the gas concentrations enables a trend analysis, which also allows a prognosis of the transformer’s lifetime.

Other services

  • disposal of transformers up to 10 MVA
  • dismantling, scrapping and disposal of industrial plants
  • Sale of oil testing equipment

Seifert – Maintenance & Service
For a secure power supply

The company Seifert Transformer Technology is based in Essen.

With over 40 years of experience in service, we offer you solutions for the maintenance of transformers worldwide.

The change in a deregulated energy market requires new
concepts and places very high demands on the service. For this reason we have decided to specialize our services and provide you with a cost-effective on-site service. We offer everything from one source, installation – maintenance – service.

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