Safepoint BornackFor work on large transformers and on construction sites, our company uses BORNACK-LATCHWAY safety equipment.

During maintenance, inspection or repair work – scheduled or unforeseen – personnel is required to climb onto transformers. In accordance with Accident Prevention Regulations, the personnel must be secured against falling.

As opposed to fixed guard rails, which must be removed for normal operation, local BORNACK-LATCHWAY safety attachments are always available.

The LATCHWAY system consists of a taut horizontal safety rope of stainless steel with rope guides spaced regularly about every 1.5 m. These guides can be traversed freely without opening the safety catch of the special runner. This increases personnel readiness to actually use the safety equipment.

Moreover, a fall arrester with tensioner keeps the rope at the defined tension and protects personnel or material from shock loading in case of a fall. The rope guides prevent excessive rope slack and thus the risk of hitting the ground, which is relatively close.